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Diocese Office Recants Allegations Against Father Frank

September 15, 2011

Father Pavone not “being charged with any malfeasance or being accused of any wrong doing”

Fortunately for Bishop Patrick Zurek of the Diocese Of Amarillo he just happens to be out of town.

The pro-life community’s response to Bishop Zurek’s incendiary letter announcing his suspension of Father Frank Pavone as National Director For Priests For Life has been loud, angry and virtually unanimous – No One goes after Father Frank without concrete evidence.

And Bishop Zurek apparently does not have it. As quoted in yesterday’s post, Bishop Zurek’s carelessly thrown bomb cited his “deep concerns regarding his stewardship of the finances of the Priests for Life organization”. Bishop Zurek further claimed that Father Pavone has shown “incorrigible defiance of my legitimate authority as his Bishop”.

Today the Diocese Of Amarillo was forced to issue a letter that basically amounts to a retraction of the Bishop’s allegations. And the incredible disparity between the language in Bishop Zurek’s letter and that of the Diocese’s clarification raises a significant question on what’s really going on here.

Based upon this “clarification”, Bishop Zurek’s warning his fellow bishops to “inform the Christian faithful under your care to consider withholding donations to the PFL until the issues and concerns are settled” is utterly inexcusable.

As is Bishop Zurek scheduling a two vacation beginning on September 13, the day on which he ordered Father Frank to report to the Diocese of Amarillo. It is quite likely that after enduring the storm of the last 24 hours, Monsignor Waldow, the signatory of the above statement, may have had a few uncharitable thoughts concerning the Bishop’s schedule.

Since assuming control in 1993, Father Frank has developed Priests For Life into one of the most prominent, most effective pro-life organizations in the world and has personally become one of the most respected and effective voices in all phases of the pro-life cause. That respect extends throughout the religious community and even unto atheists. Yes indeed, there are pro-life atheists who are ardent supporters of Father Frank Pavone.

For years many of the Catholic faithful expressed disappointment in the US Conference Of Catholic Bishops’ often mixed signals on abortion, which the Church describes as an intrinsic moral evil, especially regarding many Bishops’ tolerance of flagrantly pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

Father Frank’s position on such Catholic politicians has been anything but ambiguous, often publicly supporting pro-life Protestants over pro-choice Catholics. Most notable was Father Frank’s 2004 reference to pro-life Methodist George W Bush as a “better Catholic” than Catholic abortion supporter John Kerry.

So the question of yesterday’s post remains – is the Bishop’s recall order actually the result of Father Frank Pavone’s having gotten under one too many clerical and political skins?

If the financial records of Priest For Life and their associated ministries turn out to be as impeccable as they seem to be at this point, and Bishop Zurek persists on attempting to confine Father Frank’s pro-life ministry to the Diocese Of Amarillo, we will have the answer.

And hopefully Bishop Zurek will receive a call from the Vatican. He might want to schedule another vacation.

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4 Responses to “Diocese Office Recants Allegations Against Father Frank”

  1. Marlene Willis Says:
    October 26th, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Why cant Father Pavone publish the letter the bishop sent to him about this whole mess.
    When ever you have millions and millions of dollars coming it there will be problems.
    Father Corapi had the same problem. As we know he was apparently guility. Which I said from day one. I still love him as much as from day one.
    I am wondering if Father Pavone is near a break down. He is obsessed with his cause. Which raises questions. It is unhealthy to become that way, I dont care what the cause is. My mother is pro-life and I am convinced she hides behind pro-life for things that lacked in raising seven kids.
    Marlene Willis

  2. Radiant Cross Right To Life Says:
    November 11th, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Thanks for the input Marlene

    As far as we know, Bishop Zurek’s letter to Father Frank is basically the same as Bishop Zurek’s open letter to fellow Bishops alleging “unspecified concerns” over the finances at PFL. This is a frustrating situation precisely because of Bishop Zurek’s failure/refusal to detail those concerns, even 6 weeks after going public and the apparently clean independent audits of PFL’s finances over the last decade

    In contrast to the unfortunate case of Father Corapi (who we continue to pray for), Father Frank has conducted himself properly in submitting obediently to his Bishop. As far as Father Frank’s mental state goes, if you have ever seen a demonstration of what happens to a baby during an abortion, Father Frank would not be the man for the job if he were not obsessive to some degree on ending this terrible inhumanity.

    We have never heard Father Frank speak in a manner that would indicate that the “cause” has taken control of his ability to think and act rationally. In fact his calm and becoming conduct under the duress of the current situation indicates just the opposite

    And we can all be thankful for our pro-life moms, they do indeed give a lot of themselves for us

    God’s Blessings

  3. Marlene Willis Says:
    November 21st, 2011 at 7:56 am

    Yes I would join, just put my name on the list.
    And thank you
    Marlene Willis

  4. Radiant Cross Right To Life Says:
    November 28th, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    You are welcome Marlene and thank you again for commenting

    It is considered unethical, and in some cases illegal, to register other people to a website membership or e-mail list so I have e-mailed you a link that will take you to RC.org membership registration

    God’s Blessings