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Open Letter To President Obama On The Newton Child Killings

December 18, 2012

An appropriate time to reflect upon the millions of children murdered by abortion

Dear Mr President,

Some have questioned the sincerity of the tears you shed when speaking to the press about the terrible tragedy in Newton, CT. We do not.

As a human being, the mental image of the bullet ridden bodies of 20 six and seven year old children sprawled in a school is too much bear. As a parent you certainly emphasize with the incomprehensible grief.

But it has to be asked. How can you so easily compartmentalize your grief and your empathy?

Every day, in the abortion clinics you wholeheartedly support, 3,500 baby boys and girls are mercilessly dismembered, decapitated or poisoned and their mangled bodies disposed of in garbage pails. That image brings no grief, no tears to your eyes?

And where is your empathy for the hundreds of thousands of women who suffer from the very common long term side effects of grief, guilt and despair after taking the life of their children? Women, often scarred for life, who had been misled by your supporters and the abortion industry into believing that abortion was just another aspect of “women’s healthcare”.

You lay the responsibility for the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary at the feet of the National Rifle Association for contributing to a culture of violence. Yet you acknowledge no responsibility for your part in promoting the Culture Of Death, initiated by Roe v Wade, that has desensitized our country to the daily killing of children.

It is said that God permits evil in order to ultimately bring about a greater good. Perhaps Mr President, while you grieve for those 20 children mercilessly slain at Newton, it may be the time to re-evaluate your position on abortion which takes the lives of over one million American girls and boys each year.

Have the courage, and the honesty, to follow up your appearance at the memorial service in Newton with a visit to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and observe a midterm abortion personally. Then make another address to the nation.

We are praying for you.

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