You may have heard of people suffering from birth injuries. Birth injuries are serious problems which occur for newborn babies at the time of birth. They usually occur due to the negligence of the doctors or nurses who attend the delivery of patients. There are various types of birth injuries based on the severity of the damage caused. check out the website like to know about the types of birth injuries caused. The article below discusses the various causes of birth injuries and some example birth injuries. You need to be aware of the birth injuries and the reasons that cause birth injuries.

Causes Of Birth Injury
There are various factors which lead to birth injury.

Delay In Birth
There are situations where the baby can suffer severe birth injuries due to delayed birth. Your health provider may wait for the delivery after the due date. A birth injury can also be caused by a woman who suffers from a prolonged labor of nearly 18 hours or more. The baby cannot withstand pressure caused during labor. Brain damages occur due to delayed birth.

Breathing Difficulties
Oxygen deprivation is a common cause of birth injury. Low birth weight of the baby, underdeveloped lungs of pre-term babies can be the cause of oxygen deprivation, and it can affect the brain of the newborn. These types of birth injuries can be mild or severe depending on the damage caused. There are situations that oxygen deprivation can result in serious lifelong problems.

Negligence Of Health Care Providers
The primary reason for birth injury is the mistake or negligence of the doctors, nurses, midwives, technicians etc. in the hospital who is responsible for the delivery of the woman. These people are accountable to take care of the health of the baby which is to be delivered. A slight negligence or mistake can result in serious birth injuries.

Birth Injuries- Types
There are various types of birth injuries depending on the severity of the damage. Some birth injuries are mild, and it can be seen immediately like bruises, bone fracture, damage caused due to the use of forceps and other tools during delivery. These injuries are considered as mild injuries.
There are various serious problems caused which also can be seen immediately like the color the baby changes, breathing trouble, vomiting, the baby could not cry or suck, seizures etc. All these are considered as severe birth injuries.
There are various injuries which can be identified after some days or months of birth. This includes pain in hand and legs jaundice, issues in eating, variation in muscle tone. Parents can identify all these only after some days or months after birth.
The above birth injuries can be caused due to certain health issues during pregnancy or due to other medical reasons. At times it may be due to the negligence of the healthcare provider.

The above article has clearly explained the various types and causes of birth injuries. Based on the type and cause of the birth injury caused you can file a case against the medical provider and obtain a compensation amount.