career change

career change

Getting a fulltime job and working your way up the career ladder is one of the major responsibilities that every adult has to do once they pass out of college. However, after a couple of years, they might find themselves a bit dissatisfied with their chosen job. In fact, many people keep changing their career consistently to find one that gives them joy and actually pushes them to go to work, rather than watch the clock hands move till this time to leave the office. This is why employment agencies oahu are extremely cautious while placing people in different work roles. According to, satisfied employees lead to better employment levels in the country.

When you first start a new job, the initial couple of months might seem like a great fit. However, as time passes by you might start losing your enthusiasm and start wondering about a career change. Here a few major factors to consider before you make a career change according to human resource experts:

· Lack Of Energy And Feeling Bored
Monday mornings are often a drag for every working individual all over the world If this feeling extends through the course of the week and you feel a lack of energy while attempting to finish your tasks; it might be time to consider a career change. If you do not enjoy going to work at all, it is sure indication that you are not enjoying what you do. The best way to solve this issue is by narrowing down what exactly is it that you find draining at your job. There are several different factors to consider like commute time, co-workers, supervisors, etc. If it is any one of these factors, a job change to a different company in the same field might help you garner more energy and feel motivated to go to work again. However, if it is the job itself that you find dissatisfying, it is time to start looking at different options.

· Apathy
Having a bad day at work is normal, and most people have experienced this one time or the other. Although, you sense that your feeling of apathy seems to have increased and you tend to operate on autopilot mode, it’s time to de-board the ship. Many people who experience this particular type of apathy wish they had a more challenging job that pushed them to their limits. When work gets monotonous and the routine seems to be never ending, these feelings of apathy tend to rise. Once you start experiencing these feelings, you need to ask yourself whether a change of environment might do you good. This way, you can stick to the same field and have a better sense of job satisfaction.

· Jealousy
Interestingly, jealousy is considered as a signal of being satisfied by your job. May people voice extreme jealousy when their former classmates move forward in other fields of work and achieve plenty of career growth. This is a sure indication that they are unhappy with their current situation. If this is the case, you need to find out what are the exact reasons that you are jealous of other people and their careers. Once you narrow this down, you can try to implement this in current job or try your hand at another career that is more rewarding and satisfactory in the long run.