With increasing passion for the stylish and rich lifestyle of people world over, home furnishing market is flourishing like never before. Over the time many designer houses have evolved offering highly professional designing packages. It involves everything from choosing the furniture, deciding the color patterns of wall painting, collecting exclusive decoration and art piece to selecting the curtains and Lenin’s as per the theme desired. By undertaking the complete project under their supervision, you are saved from all the hassle like coordinating with various vendors and managing the people at work. Also, the style quotient is maintained, as they follow the most recent trends prevailing in home decor industry. 740 Designs is one of the prime stores in Perth offering industry’s best services. Based upon the budget, level of comfort desired and the look you are seeking for, various furnishing style options are available. www.home-ideas.in has a beautiful collection of different trends and styles in trend currently.

Cottage Style- It a very cozy and casual style of decoration. Comfort factors are prioritized here. Furniture choice is very relaxing and comfortable, and fabric prints are also funky and trendy. There is a sense of carelessness as a whole. Young couples and bachelors really for such décor choice.

Modern style – This style offers a beautiful blend of antique and modern furniture. With space constraints, furniture companies are coming up with compact, convertible and multipurpose furniture options. Considered to be highly cost-effective and enhancing the concept of smart living, this furnishing style is the need of the hour and most opted.

Victorian style – Usually opted by the high-end people and hotels, this furnishing pattern is inspired by ancient heritage, gothic style. The look is highly classy, sophisticated and elegant. Rich fabrics and textures are used, and the decorative collection is antique and expensive looking.

Mediterranean style- This décor style is inspired by the lifestyle of originating countries like Spain, France and Italy. Sea and sky inspire color patterns; flooring is done by using mosaic tiles, decorative pieces are usually in material like terracotta, bronze. This setup is highly welcoming and adds soothing and relaxing flavor to your mood.

Before deciding upon the furnishing style, you want to go ahead with, certain things need to be analyzed.
What’s your requirement: Depending upon the number of people, age groups involved, individual choices we need to discuss furnishing style to be finalized.

Space availability and correct choice of furniture to suit the décor. Based upon the space factor, we should decide upon the shape and dimensions of furniture and other decoration articles, to ensure they don’t look out of place.

Cost and Budget: Renting or buying a house in itself is a very high cost intensive, hence based on the budget and buying capabilities, sensible choices should be made.
With time home décor companies have also added some interesting vertical to attract the market. These services involve:

Furniture for hire: to increase the appeal of your property while on sale to prospective buyers by aesthetically decorating with company furniture, the value and bargaining power of your property definitely increases

Display homes- With expanding real estate market, another trend in furnishing industry is, that design house collaborates with builders to furnish and style the sample homes, making it lucrative and appealing to potential buyers. 740 Designs has an excellent array of services including the above and much more, so why to wait, get in touch to style your dream home.