Pre-employment checks

Pre-employment checks

Every successful business or firm owes its success to a team of employees who are willing to do the hard work and slog it out. If you are planning on hiring new people for your firm, you need to follow a few simple steps that include publishing the job description online, going through the resumes that come in and picking out qualified candidates.

Interviews may start off with a phone interview and end with the in-person interview. However, doing a background checkup during this process is extremely critical to ensure that you make the right decision. Many firms like, offer different kinds of background checks based on what exactly you are looking for. According to the experts at, here are the top reasons why you need to carry out pre-employment background checks on your applicants:

· Be notified of criminal history
Although the law of most countries state that applicants need to declare their criminal history while applying for a job, many applicants try to hide their past. A background checkup can bring this light and help you make the crucial decision of whether or not to hire a candidate using this information.

· Puts up flags about previous infractions
Some background checks include going through credit information, driving records and other information, In case the applicant has had any infractions related to these activities, it will help the employer decide whether or not to proceed with the hiring process.

· Avoids Liability
In case you decide not to conduct the required background checks on an applicant and end up hiring them, you might get into legal trouble if they repeat the infraction while under your employment. This can cost your firm lot of money as well as bad press which can be very difficult to overcome. So, the best course is to carry out diligent pre-employment background checks on the applicants to avoid trouble in the future.

· Gives you a clearer picture of the applicant
During interviews, every applicant is very careful to present only their best side to improve their chances of getting hired. Carrying out a background check will help you determine if the applicant you saw at the interview is the same in real life or not. Many applicants use their charm to impress the interviewer and try to land themselves a job while hiding about their actual job performance in past jobs. All of this comes to light when a thorough background is carried out.

· Keeps your customer safe
There are plenty of people in the job market who are guilty of performing violent crimes. You have a responsibility to your customers in protecting them from these kinds of people. So it is up to you to carry out diligent background checks and hire only the best applicant available. It will also go a long way in keeping your workplace safe relatively for your other employees who you are responsible for. In most cases, once an employer finds out that the applicant has lied on their application or during the interview, deter from employing the person. After all, honesty is the best policy, no matter the crime.